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City Building Game Kit – Pro Unity3D

By Manov Studio - Saturday, April 29, 2017 3 Comments

City Building Game Kit – Pro Unity3D
City Building Game Kit – Pro Unity3D - Develop game like clash of clan or age of empire, build strategy or real time strategy game, add your own customization , battle or your own idea here.

Real time srategy have own massive user base , today we will share city building game kit profesional build editor with unity 3d game engine.

Requirement is very simple you need unity 4.3.0 higher and no need pro license unity.

Building a city builder strategy game from scratch is no easy task. Here's a side-by-side comparison of each time-consuming feature we did.

Included with this version

- Building Items Art (x11 worth 12 hrs per asset)
- Character Art (x5 18 hrs per asset)
- Terrain Art (10 hrs)
- Isometric Camera Setup (10 hrs)
- Item XML Data (10 hrs)
- Building Construction Script (10 hrs)
- 2D Gameboard Setup/Scripts (50 hrs)
- Gestures like Drag-and-Drop (5 hrs)
- HUD Art and Scripting (30 hrs)
- Game Store Menu (10 hrs)
- In-App Purchase Menu (10 hrs)
- PvP Battle Processor (50 hrs)
- Combat Unit AI (35 hrs)
- Combat Defense AI (20 hrs)
- Currency Generation/Storage (10 hrs)
- NPC Builder Demo (5 hrs)
- Client/Server State Sync (10 hrs)
- Beginner Tutorial (10 hrs)
- Sound Effects (2 hrs)
- Multi-platform Bug Fixes (50 hrs)

Works on all platforms

- Android (tested Samsung Galaxy S)
- iOS (tested iPhone 5, iPad 1, iPod 4)
- Web Player
- Desktop PC / Mac Games

Powerful City Builder Framework

- Design Your Own Buildings
- Gems and In-App Purchases (IAP)
- Gold/Liquid Generators and Storage
- Expandable with assets

PvP AI Battle Processor

- Combat/Unit AI
- PvE Battle Matching
- Gold/Liquid Stealing
- Gem Accelerated Training


Create a City Building Simulator

Supports 2D buildings, both simple PNG graphics or animated sprites. Demos and source code included. 3D gameplay is technically possible in our docs, but requires a lot of advanced script customizations.

Source files includes examples like:

- Gold Storage Buildings
- Gold Generation Mines
- Liquid Storage Buildings
- Liquid Generation Units
- Exclusive purchases (e.g. builder houses)

Train Armies for Battle

Make your own characters and animations. Customize training cost, time, and limitations. Add as many unique units as you would like.

City Building Game Kit – Pro Unity3D
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City Building Game Kit – Pro Unity3D

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